CMP Sertorelli Bormio

From the collaboration between the Sertorelli family, a historic family from Bormio that has always been active in winter sports, in the hospitality and commercial sector, and the Campagnolo brothers, at the end of 2018, the brand new CMP Sertorelli Bormio was born, a mono-brand of the well-known brand that has revolutionized sportswear, but not only.

The historic families, united by the same passion for work and for winter and outdoor sports, have found an agreement intended to create a valuable experience for Bormiese customers.

In the heart of Bormio, in the popular via Roma, destination for relaxing walks in the historic center and shopping moments, you will find a store dedicated to the whole family, in every season and where the quality / price ratio reaches its peak.

The new store in Bormio

The CMP brand, in fact, has for years been engaged in the creation of garments that combine technicality and Italian style in the wake of a great manufacturing tradition.

Applying the best technologies, CMP creates garments for different activities and suitable for all the moments of your days and those of your family: from outdoor to fitness, from biking to running, up to an everyday life lived in a dynamic way.
The CMP garments for the whole family, for sport and free time, do not fear rivals.

If you add to this, the characteristic attention to the customer of a family, like Sertorelli, who has been involved in tourism for decades, the product is unbeatable. What are you waiting for? Come and visit us at the CMP Sertorelli Bormio in via Roma, 51. You will find extensive collections of technical garments for skiing and outdoor sports, urban clothing and leisure and footwear and accessories for the whole family.

We are waiting for you for a functional and always fashionable look
Sertorelli family